Cleanup Google Contacts

Do you feel like your contact list is cluttered or stuffed with numbers and names that you cannot recognize when you scroll down? Over time, as you meet new people, you save more contacts on your contact list. When you scroll down through your contact list, you may also notice that you have multiple entries for one person or contacts with no information at all. It is as a result of syncing various email addresses and social media profiles. Having many contacts on your contact list can be hectic, prompting you to search the name of the person you want to call. Therefore, you must understand how to clean up google contacts.

Here are some of the ways to clean up and manage your Google contacts better:

  1. Merge Duplicate Google Contacts

Merging identical contacts can be challenging, depending on the Android version you are using. There is an easy way to combine duplicate contacts. Go to your Google contacts on your phone and click on the three bars on the upper left corner. Click on ‘Duplicates’ to get the numbers that may need merging. There are two options; you can either dismiss or combine each duplicate available on the contact list. Google will automatically generate a message letting you know how many copies are available. Once you receive this notice, click on ‘View’ and choose between the option of dismissing the suggestions or merging the contacts.

  1. Export Your Google Contacts

Are you sure that your contacts are completely safe with Google and that your account will not be compromised? Google accounts have the Two-step Verification security feature that will protect your accounts. However, to be on the safer side, you should export your contacts and save them in various locations such as Dropbox. It would be hectic if you lose all your Google contacts and you are not in a position to retrieve them.

  1. Find Out the Apps That Have Access to Your Google Contacts

You may have granted multiple apps access to your Google contacts without even realizing it. Some apps can cause significant changes to your contacts that you may not like. With Google, you can tell the apps that have permission to access your Google Account. You can also revoke access to the apps that you don’t want.

  1. Un-sync Contacts for Some Accounts

It could be that many accounts are feeding into your contacts without you noticing it. Therefore, you should check to find out which exact ones are syncing with your contact list and most probably cluttering it up. To achieve this, open your Google Contact list and click on the three dots on the upper left corner, then click on ‘Manage accounts.’ Tap on an account to check whether it syncs contacts automatically. If you find out that it is syncing and want that to stop, turn the sync setting off. This way, you will get rid of those people from your contact list, but it will not permanently delete them from the original account.

  1. Transfer LinkedIn Contacts to Google

You can quickly transfer your contacts to Google, including their email addresses. It will help you email these contacts instead of sending them messages on LinkedIn.

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