It is very hard to find anyone today who doesn’t have a Gmail ID. E-mails were a thing of luxury back in those days, but today, it has reached the length and breadth of a particular country. Hotmail was widely used by people in the 20th century and right now, Google has taken over that position of Hotmail. 

List of 20 Gmail tips to make use of Gmail more effectively 

These are some of the tricks using which you can get the complete benefits of Gmail. 

  • Sharing Email Contacts

If you want to share your email with another Gmail user then you can export contacts and import to the user you want to share with. If not then you can take the easy route of using a native tool like Share Email Contacts or Shared Contacts for Gmail App.

  • Undo a sent mail 

If you want to undo a sent mail, you can very well do it within 5 to 30 seconds of sending the Gmail. For this, you need to click on Settings, General and Enable Undo Send. So, once after you send the mail, you can click on Undo which appears next to the send button. 

  • Use Keyboard shortcuts in Gmail 

It is a fact that Gmail supports various keyboard shortcuts. So, you can use all the shortcuts in your G-mail application.

  • Importing from other accounts 

When you have other e-mail account and you wish to import mails from those accounts, then you need to enable the Settings, Accounts, Import, Check mails from other accounts. So, whenever you receive emails in the other account, it automatically gets added to the inbox of this account. 

  • Blocking users 

It is very easy to block someone if they are annoying you over Gmail. You can click on the arrow near the Send button and just choose Block. 

  • Don’t use dots 

When you are using Gmail, the number of dots you use before the domain name doesn’t matter at all. It is not suggested to use dots in Gmail. 

  • Add a plus 

If you add a plus to your mail ID, while you are subscribing to a group message or a newsletter, then one can assure that you will keep receiving the emails to your inbox and there is no second thought about it. 

  • Mute mails 

Just like the blocking feature is provided in the mail, one can mute the mails as well. When you click the arrow beside the send button, you can find Mute as an option and you need to just click on it. 

  • Use Drive for Large files

You cannot send files whose size is more than 25 GB via Gmail; you can make use of Drive to send the large-sized files. 

  • Google’s AI

Gmail has Artificial Intelligence linked to it now. It can read the content of the mail and then suggest some changes. In case, you had forgotten to attach a file and you had mentioned, File Attached, then Gmail reminds you to do the task. 

  • Add emojis 

It is not just possible to add emojis to the text messages you send via WhatsApp or any other messaging application. You can add emojis to the emails you send as well. 

  • Unsubscribe 

Just like how you can make use of a plus sign to subscribe to a mailing list, you can make use of the unsubscribe button at the bottom of every mail to unsubscribe from the mailing list. 

  • Generate canned responses 

Canned Responses are the pre-determined responses generated via Gmail and one can find it is extremely useful. For this, you need to make use of the option. Settings, Labs>Canned Responses. 

  • Use Hangouts 

Hangouts is an instant messaging application from Google. It is available on the web as well as a mobile application. This can be integrated into Gmail and you can reply to a Hangouts message and it will be notified as a mail to the user. 

  • Grant access to others 

In Gmail, you can grant access to others to read and respond to your mail if you had enabled the option, Settings > Accounts and Import > Grant access to your account. 

  • Security Feature 

When you want to have a secured Gmail experience, you can make use of the Last Account Activity option and check where the mail has been logged in last. 

  • Send and Archive 

Sending and Archiving the messages is a two-step process. If you wish to do it together, then enable the Settings, General, Send and Archive option. 

  • Enable Desktop notifications 

This option has to be enabled if you wish to receive notifications on your desktop. 

Settings > General > Desktop Notifications 

  • Call from Gmail 

You can make calls from Gmail if you had installed Google Talk Plugin. 

  • Keep maximum mails up to 100 

The number of emails that appear in your inbox is 50. You can enable the option

Settings, General and Maximum page size and select “100”. This is the maximum limit. 

  • Use Plug-in 

Plug-in expands the functionality of the web browser. Gmail works more effectively with these extended functionalities. 

If you are using Gmail only to send and receive emails, then you are missing out on a lot of exciting features. When you accustom yourself with all the tips and tricks, you can manage your e-mails more effectively, highlight the other important parts of a mail, etc.

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