Transfer Google ContactsIf the enterprise or company where you work use Gmail as their main e-mail platform, you surely have saved in your contact list the names, emails, cellphones, and locations of your most precious contacts. However, what happens if you want to copy those contacts to your personal account with Gmail? It is disappointing to inform you that Google has no automatic way to sync contacts between two different Google accounts. You must manually extract your contacts from a single account and then transfer them to the other one.

Therefore, if you have two Gmail accounts and want to join all your contacts in a single account, let us show you how.

Export your Desired Contacts

First, you must enter the Google account where you want to extract your contacts. Once inside, you will go the lateral menu on your left side and click on the “People and Sharing” option. This will take you to your “Contacts” menu and you use “Contacts”

Now, all your contacts will be displayed and Google gives certain options to fix duplicates or update certain contacts. Again, you will go to the drop-down lateral menu on the left side of the computer and click on the “Exports” option.

A small menu pops up featuring if you want to export all contacts or specific ones. Additionally, it gives you the option to export the file as a Google CSV (Comma-separated values) or an Outlook CSV. Thus, you are able to transfer your contacts to a Google account or to an Outlook account. Additionally, you have the capability of exporting contacts in a vCard and transfer them to

You choose the setting you desire and click on the “Export” option. A CSV file will be downloaded and saved on your computer.

Import your contacts

Now, you log out of this account and sign in the Google account that you want to import your contacts. You will follow the same process. You look for the “People and Sharing” option on the lateral menu on the left side of the screen. You click on the Contacts menu and the contacts in this account will be displayed.

You follow the drop-down lateral menu on the left side of the computer and click on the “Import” option. Another pop-up menu will appear, displaying that you must choose a CSV file in order to import contacts. It is recommended to place the previous CSV file you downloaded on your Desktop for easier access. Finally, you look and select the CSV file, upload it, and click on the “Import” option.

Your contacts have been transferred successfully from one Google account to another!

Important Features

Google only lets you transfer a maximum of 3000 contacts once at a time. Thus, if you have more than this amount, you have to create more than one CSV file to be able to transfer all of them.

Additionally, when you upload new contacts, all these contacts are grouped in an “Imported Contacts” collection. From this option, you are able to search them through association, making it easier to identify them. There is also the possibility of renaming this collection, such as Work contacts or Company contacts, Remember the feature to fuse contacts is still available. lets you easily share your shared contact labels with other users. Check out our pricing and features for more information.

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