Contact Share App for Gmail & Google Contacts

Set User Level Permissions

Manage user permissions as to who can view, edit, update or delete your shared contacts.

Instant Synching

Our app auto syncs updated contacts across shared groups.

Easy Integration with Gmail

Our app easily integrates contacts and contacts list from Google Contacts.

Auto Sync across Multiple Devices

Our app seamlessly syncs across mobile, tablet, or Outlook

Cross Domain Sharing

You can share contacts across your domain and also with users outside of your domain

Enhanced Security

Our app has state of the art security to protect against any data breach

Simple Solution for Google Contacts Label Sharing

Share Google Contact labels as you would share Google Docs and Google Calendar

Easy To Use Dashboard Located On Your Contact Manager

Contact Share App is smoothly integrated into Gmail and is also supported on smartphones, tablets and Microsoft Outlook.

Smoothly Integrated With Gmail

Third party tools are not needed: users can update and manage shared contacts directly from their Gmail Contact Manager.

Syncs With Smartphones, Tablets And Ms Outlook

Contact Share App automates the process of sharing and
co-editing your Gmail contacts with other G Suite team
members- completely eliminating the hassle of manually
doing so! You can manage shared contacts easily.

Select Permissions

You will have a secure address book, and you can select permissions for users like ‘Can Edit’, ‘Can Delete’ and ‘Read Only’.

  1. Add Users
  2. Remove Users
  3. Manage Licences
  4. Control Access

Supported On Different Domains

Contact Share App can be used on your domain and sub-domains and on external domains.

Enterprise Level Enhanced Security

With Our State of the Art Security System That is Secured in Cloud, you can backup and restore your shared contacts and sharing settings.

Safe And Advanced Logging Features

You can monitor and keep track of updates in your shared contacts and groups using a logs search tool.

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