Google has provided the immense possibility to keep track of technologically oriented works. Numerous diversified platforms don’t only provide help to maintain your work-oriented stuff, but also provide you with immense innovative features. These features are exclusive one those helps to optimize your working efficiency.

What is G Suite all about?

G Suite is a group of software and tools that are developed by google cloud. These are the features you get if you are just making a profile on google. These features are way better than any other as it provides possibilities of working efficiency. 

With the excessive usage of your Gmail inbox, there comes a time when your G suite doesn’t work optimally. While working on different things it is mandatory to get optimized or maximum efficiency of work through this platform. Here we are providing some of the methods that help to optimize the functioning of the G Suite. These methods are simple enough that doesn’t need any special information.

Tips to optimize

  • This is one of the most important aspects of Gmail. You should always clean it up so that to get rid of the unwanted stuff. There is a default function through Gmail archives the incoming email. You should create a filter that helps to segregate some of the core functions such as delete, star, and forward your mail, or to keep certain types of messages out of spam. There are other ways also that enables you to label the messages automatically and help you to keep at a specific place. This helps to save the effort and time that ultimately helps in increasing the suite efficiency.
  • Often there are some mistakes happens that cause a very bad reputation among the recipient. If you have done some mistake in the email or just forgot to add the additional recipients, then this feature helps to undo this message and rectify it. With the help of Gmail undo send feature you can easily rectify or add something in the email within 30seconds. 
  • It is one of the concerns that people get a bulk load of emails from unwanted subscriptions it substantially develops confusion and annoyance. One should try to segregate them based on important, starred, and unread and everything else. There are various options present in the Gmail account that helps you to manage these emails. If you are managing efficiently, then you can expect maximum productivity from the G Suite.
  • It is important to schedule your work based on importance. One should keep their G Suite organized and prioritized as per the task severity. Some settings help you to convert email into tasks and with just a click you can get it done. These tasks appear automatically on your screen with a scheduled date. You can always keep your task list updated from any device. 
  • Prewritten replies are the best way to save time and effort. Different messages are somehow repeated. It is better to save a pre-written reply that will help you to send the mail in a jiffy. Gmail has a feature that saves the standardized messages for any occasion. You just have to send them as per your needs and considerations. This feature cab is learnt just in some time as it is quite easy to grasp.
  • You should create numerous signatures with one of the best feature of Gmail i.e. canned response. This will enable you to personalize and maintain different signatures that are equipped with various fonts, colors, photos, links, and other information. This feature provides a legitimate option for your documents.
  • Different messages have no longer important, but keep on bulging your email stack. You can simply mute the uninterested emails or block the sender just but reporting them. This keeps you away from any type of stress to maintain your email stack it is quite hard to find important emails once your Gmail equipped with different useless mails.
  • You can save time using keyboard shortcuts. Numerous Gmail keyboard shortcuts can easily help you to perform your task in a jiffy. You will just need some hours of training for getting an understanding of these shortcuts. 
  • It is very important to get a knowledge of the recipient receiving your email or not. There is a feature in Gmail that entails you to get the information about the people who have opened it and when they read it. This is one of the best features that will help you out in maintaining the sanctity. 
  • In case you are annoyed by making a new Gmail account for every task, then there is a way that provides you a way out. You just have to add a plus sign (+) and any word before the @ sign in your current address. Messages can still reach you. 

These are some of the effective ways that provide a productive way to optimize the G Suite. Just get the understanding of the above points and keep on an effective approach.

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