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You and your team members can now share, access and modify contacts, while receiving updates from others automatically. No more copy-pasting contacts and outdated info.
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Trusted by 1000's of users and companies

We Make Sharing Google Contacts List Very Easy in Simple 4-Steps:

Our web app works together to help sales, and support teams better communicate with customers.


Simply Sign in to Contact Share App using your Gmail and Password

Select Labels

Select the Google contact label or list of common shared labels you want to share

Select Users

Select & Manage user access to regulate who can view or edit your shared contacts.


Simply share and the selected user will have access to common shared email contacts.

Contact Share App Features

Set User Level Permissions

Manage user permissions as to who can view, edit, update or delete your shared email contacts.

Instant Synching

Our app auto syncs updated contacts across shared groups.

Easy Integration with Gmail

Our app easily integrates contacts and contacts list from Google Contacts.

Auto Sync across Multiple Devices

Our app seamlessly syncs across mobile, tablet, or Outlook

Cross Domain Sharing

You can share contacts across your domain and also with users outside of your domain

Enhanced Security

Our app has state of the art security to protect against any data breach

Simple Solution for Google Contacts Label Sharing

Share Google Contact labels as you would share Google Docs and Google Calendar

Easy To Use Dashboard

We designed our dashboard to be very simple, intuitive and user friendly so that you can easily select the contact groups you want to share with other users easily.

Gmail Shared Contacts Image 1
Share Gmail Contacts Image 1

Smoothly Integrated With Gmail

Our app is smoothly integrated into Gmail and is also supported on smartphones, tablets and Microsoft Outlook. Third party tools are not needed: users can update and manage shared contacts labels right from their Google Contacts Manager.

Syncs With Smartphones, Tablets And Microsoft Outlook

Our app gets updated instantly across various platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet or Microsoft Outlook. Users get automatic syncing  across different devices with instantly. You can manage shared contacts easily.

Share Google Contacts Image 1
Shared Contacts for Gmail Dashboard

Select Permissions

You will have a secure address book, and you can select and assign permissions for users like ‘Can Edit’, ‘Can Delete’ and ‘Read Only’.

You can easily: add users, remove users, manage licenses and manage their permission settings just like G-Suite user permissions.

Supported On External Domains

Our software can be used to share contacts across all the users on your company domain, sub-domains and also with other external users outside your company domain.

Share Gsuite Contacts Image 1
How to Share Google and GSuite Contacts Image 1

Enterprise Level Enhanced Security

Our app has enterprise level security with security breach measures in place. With Our State of the Art Security System That is Secured in Cloud, you can backup & restore your shared contacts labels and sharing settings without having to worry about data loss.

Advanced Logging History Features

Our app has logging features with which you can monitor and keep track of updates in your shared contacts and groups using a change logs history.

How to share gmail contacts image 1

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What People Say

With this software I was able to share my contact list with my sales & marketing team easily without having to manually email the list and go through a time consuming process. It has saved us time and lots of resources.

Jeff NoelteVP of Sales

This app has made our lives easier. What used to take us a lot of emailing back and forth, updating any contacts and having to email each of our staff of the contact changes is being taken care of using this handy tool. I would highly recommend to organizations using G-Suite.

Shelly JonesCEO

It was really a "PITA" to share google contacts across with out 100+ sales team when there was a contact update. After we migrated our users to G-Suite platform we needed a solution for updated contacts and contact group sharing. This is the perfect app that made my life easier for the organization. Thank you for building this tool that saved us a lot of internal resources.

Manny RathoreCTO

Trusted by 1000+ of users and companies

Frequently Asked Questions

What are “shared contacts”?

Shared contacts are the contacts (leads, customers, etc.) that need to be viewed and accessed by members of your team. This app offers a convenient and efficient way to manage those contacts across your G Suite Team.

Why is a G Suite Admin login required when using this application for the first time?

Our application uses Google Contacts application programming interfaces. So when you use the application for the first time, G Suite Admin needs to install the domain-wide and provide required permissions to access their Google Contacts on behalf of the company. You only need to do this once. Any company user will be allowed to login and use the application after that.

If someone adds a contact to this app, will that contact appear to everyone in the company?

No. Only domain users who receive access to that group will be able to view and edit contacts based on their access level.

What are the types of permission I can give to other users?

There are three types of permission.

  • Read only: users can only view shared groups and contacts.
  • Can Add and Edit:  users can view shared contacts, add new contacts to the shared group and make contact information edits.
  • Can Add, Edit and Delete: users can view shared contacts, add new ones, make contact info edits and delete shared contacts.

Note: Only the admin and owner of the groups can delete or rename the shared contact groups.

Can only the G Suite Admin create and manage groups?

No. Anyone with the application can create and manage groups in our app and manage contacts and domain users. Whoever creates a group becomes the Group Admin and that person can manage domain users for that particular group.

What happens if the admin account is deleted?

If the admin and owner of a shared group is deleted, the shared group will still be shared, however, the application will stop syncing any updates made to the shared group.

Before the admin account is deleted you can transfer the shared groups to a new admin account and remove all of the shared groups from the original admin’s account. Then, you can log into the dashboard with the new admin account and re-share the groups with relevant users.

How can I allow another user to share contact groups?

If you are the admin of different groups and you want another user to be allowed to manage and share groups of contacts, you have two options.

1) You can replace the admin

You would first give the super admin role to the new user who will be in charge of the application in your domain. Then, you would change ownership of the domain by revoking permissions of the groups shared by the current admin and re-create the contact groups in the new admin’s Google Contacts (you can import and export contacts from current to future admin accounts). Afterwards, ask us to switch the admin internally. Once that is done, the new admin can log into the app and share his or her groups!

2) You can give the user an admin role in your G Suite domain

You can create the groups in the user’s Google Contacts and – as the new admin – he or she can log into the dashboard and share his or her groups. 

I added contacts to a shared group but they disappeared after a while. What happened?

The group admin should log into dashboard and check the permission of the user adding the contacts. The user likely only has ‘Read only’ permission, so each time that person tries to add contacts to the shared group, the contacts are removed from the group automatically. To fix this issue, the admin should make sure the user has ‘Can Add and Edit’ or ‘Can Add, Edit or Delete’ permission.

I shared a group with an external domain user. Why can't they see the group on their contact manager?

When you share a group with an external domain user, that user has to accept your sharing invitation and the admin of that domain will have to install the application. Please be sure of the following:

  • You are signed up with the Enterprise version of this app
  • The external domain user received the invitation email and link
  • When the invited user opened the link, he or she completed the installation process (if the user is not the admin of the domain, he or she must ask the admin to install the app)

Once the application is installed, the shared group should show up for the invited user. If you and the user have completed the steps above, but the group still isn’t showing, contact our support team for more help.Can’t find your question here? Send us an email at


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